WordPress CMS Website Development

The WordPress open-source content management system is the most popular free platform for building blogs, web brochures, and small business and organization websites.

WordPress is easy to use, inexpensive to host, and can be extended in functionality in many ways by adding free or inexpensive software plugins and visual themes. We recommend it as the basis for websites with modest database management requirements, simple business logic, and and conventional E-commerce needs.

When a WordPress site needs more complex functionality than is available out-of-the-box, we can often construct it using the the Toolset collection of utility plugins. Toolset provides many of the advanced features that one would normally have to write custom PHP code to create, or obtain through a commercial theme, but without the resulting code maintenance expense or lock-in to a single theme. We're licenced to provide this package to our WordPress clients at no cost.

We don't just build new websites; we also support and maintain WordPress websites built by ourselves or others.