CiviCRM Open Source CRM Integration

The CiviCRM open-source contact relationship management system is a free software solution which provides small non-profit organizations and businesses with a consistent, comprehensive approach to managing contacts with their members, donors, and customers.

CiviCRM typically integrates with your public website and provides both customer-facing features (such as contact forms) and private features (CRM data management and reporting). It has the same hosting requirements as your website's CMS and runs alongside it on the web host of your choice. Unlike commercial software-as-a-service CRM options, CiviCRM allows you to remain in complete control of your data - you don't have to trust the business, privacy, or security practices of your software vendor.

In addition, the integration with your website software make it possible to create features that would be difficult with other CRM options: showing different website content based on CRM membership status, for example, or creating custom lists or displays that include both website and CRM data.

CiviCRM is a modular system that offers a wide variety of features:

  • contact management
  • membership management
  • event management
  • contribution management
  • case management
  • grant management
  • bookkeeping integration
  • E-mail marketing
  • reporting

CiviCRM also supports a growing library of free extensions to add new functionality, such as volunteer management.

We can integrate CiviCRM with any of the website platforms that we offer: WordPress, Drupal, or Backdrop. We can include it with new websites, or add it to existing ones. We also offer CiviCRM support and maintenance for both new and existing websites.